With 13 years of experience in skin care industry and the support of its loyal and ever expanding customer base, MNK has grown into Asia’s leading independent retailer of quality skin care products. Throughout the years, MNK has maintained excellent long-term relationship with its suppliers. With its global purchasing and sourcing capabilities, often buying in large quantities to increase bargaining power, MNK manages to offer a wide selection of quality products at competitive prices. Its market leadership reflects its innovative retailing formula based on choice and convenience . MNK c onsiders employee training as crucial to the continued success of its operations and business expansion. Training is focused on product knowledge and service skills and in turn providing the best customer service possible. Each MNK beauty consultant receives over 260 training hours.


The company

MNK Empire is committed to sourcing and providing the most technologically advanced skincare products and treatments available worldwide professional market. MNK Empire is currently the leading provider of clinical skincare products and treatments within the medical /cosmetic skin clinic arena. Our objective is to develop a close personal relationship with our clients in order to provide the best possible customer service and to support the growth and development of the clinical skin care industry, particularly in the plastic surgery, cosmetic physician, skincare therapist and dermatology areas.

  We understand that on going training and support is vital to ensure accurate and up to date product knowledge. As part of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, we have a dedicated staff, with skills ranging from sales, marketing and nursing to professional educators who will be available to train clinic as needed

Research & Development :

To propose new value to consumers, we are focused on enhancing our basic technology over the medium to long term by developing proprietary technologies, searching for seeds and developing an understanding of mechanisms.

To ensure consumers use our products with ease and peace of mind, we are working carefully on product designs for a host of different lifestyles and scenarios that leverage our proprietary technological prowess.

To ensure our products evaluation are safe for consumers and of the highest quality, we have developed quality assessment and evaluation technologies from a consumer perspective. This has enabled us to secure a high degree of safety and ensure the effectiveness of our products during continual use.

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